what we do


little church

| 09:30

Little Church is our way for children and their parents to engage together in praise, worship, and the word – but at a child’s level. Our aim is not to provide a child-minding service. We want our children to feel important and a vital part of our church, so we put them front and centre, while our church family wraps around them. Little Church is full of laughter and fun, Singing, Listening to stories, and a quick-fire 2-minute message from that day’s preacher. At 10am we provide food and drink to our children – with coffee and tea available for parents.

big church

| 10:30

Big Church is where we really get going. Our worship is God-centred, our preaching is Bible-based, and our service is Holy Spirit-lead. Children are provided with activity packs, but encouraged to soak up the service with their family. We love kids, don’t worry if they’re noisy. Church is supposed to be full of life! A nursing room is available for mothers.

life streams

| 17:30

Life Streams are a fantastic way to renew our minds. We offer multiple teaching streams with options for all, from the brand new Christian to the budding theologian. Our core stream is always accessible and can be engaged with at any time. Some of our advanced streams might require greater commitment.


connect groups

We like to provide opportunities for people to connect with each other regularly. Connect groups are a great opportunity to fellowship around the word of God in a more intimate setting. Relationships are built and strengthened in the small group setting. Connect groups are a vital part of our church life.

connect youth

Exclusively for those aged between 12 and 17, Youth Connect is a place where young people can get together and share the discovery of something greater than themselves. Our aim is not to provide entertainment or distraction but to engage young people with their God-given purpose in a fun and meaningful way.

community connect

Sometimes struggling people in our community need some support with those ‘next-steps’ which can so often be difficult. The Community Connect drop in centre is giving people hope and standing in the gap for people that may not be able to do so for themselves yet. Providing full wrap around support Community Connect is making a massive difference in our community.