Let your yes be yes

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Hi All,

It can often be challenging to respond simply when asked a question. We can feel it necessary to embellish our answers and influence how the questioner perceives us.

In Matthew 26:59-67 – Jesus doesn’t defend his previous statement about destroying the temple, but responds to the direct question about his deity. He states what He knows to be true. Jesus refuses to qualify himself; refuses to embellish, defend, or justify his truth. The High priest becomes enraged by Jesus response and uses Jesus’ words to justify his horrific decision – sentencing Jesus to suffering and death.

By answering simply, Jesus refused to apply his immeasurable power, and absolute right, to defend or vindicate himself – even to the point of death on the cross. For the greater understanding of his true nature, he allowed a totally unjustified perspective of him to torture and kill him – ultimately revealing what his character truly is…..


‘Lord help us speak plainly, and honestly. Help us relinquish the right to control how others perceive us.’



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